John Jones Tombstone Little London shown on "Taylors" Hampshire map of 1759. Who were the Drovers Welshman's Road in Berkshire SU 620640Belts, Breeches and Boots: A leather belt with a Celtic knot. (buckles not included)
The 'Harp' on the A5 Watling Street, Middlesex in 1791, (TQ224874), with the Welsh Drovers trade-mark - the Scots pine tree. Courtesy of Brent Council. Oxen at plough, Waldron, Sussex in 1907 A local Smithfield drover, by W.H. Pyne in 1805. He wears breeches, over striped stockings, neat shoes and spats, with his drovers licence, and his bob-tailed sheepdog. Berkhamsted railway station, 1839, by Thomas Roscoe. Alongside is the Grand Junction Canal, and a solitary Drover.
Since the Medieval period the Welsh have driven their cattle into England, to supply the Abbeys, the Barons, and the Crown, and traded them at the great fairs and markets. Their legacy has been considerable if you know what to look for. Little archive material exists probably because of the transient life-style of the men, and what was considered to be an ordinary event was rarely written about; so this web-site goes some way to correcting this. This is an invitation to form interests and sentiments about the subject. We should thank the Welsh for the legacy which we have inherited. First edition June 2009
Diolch yn fawr iawn.
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